We mainly work in Johannesburg (North & South), Pretoria East and the East Rand,

with the possibility of travelling to other areas (extra travelling rates may apply).






Let us captivate your guests with the transformation of their faces.  From tigers to monsters, fairies and princesses, we prides ourselves on working our craft with impressive speed, always astonishing onlookers.  Our face painting service includes birthday parties for children and adults, costume parties, themed parties, Halloween, corporate events, promotions, sporting events, etc.


We use imported hypo-allergenic professional face paint, including Diamond FX, Snazaroo and Kryolan all of which comply with the stringent FDA and European Cosmetic Directive for face and body painting. These safe non-acrylic face paints wash off easily with soap and water. Trace stains can be removed by using make-up remover or applying moisturizer, wait 10 minutes and wash again.





An exciting new concept that produces realistic looking tattoos without the pain or permanency of a real tattoo.  Great fun for young and old at any type of event.


Temporary tattoos are created with cosmetic-grade pigments (not dyes) that sit on the skin surface and do not stain skin. The tattoo is applied with a stencil and can last up to 3 days, depending on skin type, placement on the body, and after care.  You can make your tattoo last longer by applying baby powder throughout the day, or remove it instantly with baby oil.


We can customise airbrush tattoos to your need.


A wide variety of designs and colours to choose from: Black, Multi-colour, UV Glow, Henna and Shimmer.





Glitter tattoos are applied to the skin using cosmetic grade glue and ultra fine cosmetic glitters, either with a stencil, or freehand.

Glitter Tattoos are waterproof so you may bath or swim but prolonged damp skin may decrease the life span of your tattoo.
Glitter tattoos can last up to 5 days and can be removed with baby oil or alcohol.





Please note that we DO NOT USE BLACK HENNA.  This is very harmful to your skin!

Our henna paste is made from Fresh Brown Henna Powder, lemon juice, sugar, and pure essential oils. There are no added dyes or chemicals.

Most people will achieve a dark brown stain depending on their individual skin type and how well they take care of their henna design. The stain will be light orange when you first remove the henna paste.  It will darken over the next 2 - 3 days.  The stain will disappear as the skin exfoliates, typically over a period of 1 - 2 weeks. 


Avoid scrubbing and chlorinated water if you want your henna design to last longer.





Create a unique keepsake of a very special time! We can gently adorn the precious belly of a soon-to-be-mom in the comfort of your home, or as a baby shower activity. A gift certificate for a pregnant belly painting is a unique baby shower gift and a great way to celebrate a pregnancy!





Body Painting is a work of art on a most unique canvas. There is no better medium than a living breathing billboard to advertise your product or service.

A very effective marketing tool at expos, trade shows and product launches.  Great for "costumes" at fancy dress parties, or supporting your team at the next big game.

We mainly make use of sponge and brush technique, but can incorporate airbrush body painting to speed up the process.

Body painting is a very time consuming art. A full detailed body paint can take up to 8 hours to complete.



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